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Innovation Oppurtunity Development(IOD)

Aims at providing the first steps in a step by step process from ideas to business opportunities. It provides candidates with a first technical, market and business assessment allowing the candidates a go / no-go decision as well as directions for next steps. The IOD program aims at providing a seamless interface to existing programs that can help provide the next steps on the way to successful business, such as incubator and start-up support programs. The program is open to all, including individuals, students, small business, employees of organizations.

Digital Management

Provides a complete digital manager for you or your small business. From content creation, web design/management, and social media integration, we help create an online presence for you to be seen by the world..


Provides "Smart City" technnologies involving achieving efficiency & effectiveness in energy, green infrastructure, transport & mobility, IT & communication, and the spectrum of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Additional products will include a range of apps, customized software systems, training tools, assessment studies and a wealth of research papers and other reports.

MuniSkies Story

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Our Mission

The mission of MuniSkies™ is to make significant contributions in the domains of Digital Society and SmartCities through programs that build new technologies to address municipal needs, encompass social and professional life, and interactions with the ecosystem and the environment.

MuniSkies™ achieves its mission through creating and deploying new technologies, educational and customized training programs as well as relative consulting services. Our services relate to business, research and development objectives, data and business analytics, engineering and specialized technology development.

The Team Behind MuniSkies

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Dimitri Grivas


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Eric Miller

VP, Business Dev't
& Marketing

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Cees J.M. Lanting

Director of European
Relations & Digital Society

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Nina Wilson, PH.D.

Director of
Smart Cities Initiatives

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Andrew Tsimis

Web Master


Digital Society

Muniskies™ considers Digital Society to be a combination of the following entities:
• Digital Business and Manufacturing
• Digital transport, infrastructure & resource management
• Digital Living
SmartCities conceptually stimulate, prioritize, coordinate, support, and regulate the many complex aspects of Digital Society

Digital Business
• Digital Manufacturing, incl.
- Digital Industry / Industry4.0, etc.
- Digital product lifecycle management
- Smart city management
- Smart energy generation, storage and consumption
- Smart resource management
• Digital relations in production and value chain, incl.
- B2B
- B2C, incl. as ‘super users’ in social networks

Digital transport, infrastructure & resource management:
• Intelligent and multi-modal transport, autonomous vehicles
• Large scale application of IoT towards a ‘Total Information System’ feeding analytics and Big Data applications
• Smart (use of the) electricity grid
• Smart management of the ecosystem and the environment
• Smart management of multiple uses of water: ‘waters’

Digital Living:
• Digital media, entertainment, & social networks
• Digital education, edutainment
• Digital working, incl. remote working
• Digital Healthcare, incl. eHealth, Health and IoT
• Smart home management
• Smart energy generation, storage and consumption
• Smart resource management

Global Online Internship

An Online Internship Program (OIP) is offered to members of the international community who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills offered at MuniSkies™. Graduates of the OIP can become candidates in joining the Global MuniSkies Ambassadors Network (GMAN) in either volunteer or payable function.

• What would an online intern do?
- Complete projects in areas of your interest
- Work with relevant technology
- Be a part of a group
- Learn how to affectively participate in groups
- Learn how a business environment works
- Practice real world applications
- Learn how to start becoming a professional

Here at MuniSkies™ we offer internships covering a wide range of topics including technology, globalization, communications, and many more. By having the internship online we can affectively provide solutions to problems around the world. Effectively participants will complete tasks in which they have an area of interest in. We can give them a set time frame to complete the tasks and if they succeed we can offer graduates a letter of recommendations which are highly looked open in other parts of the world. Also we can provide them with a free internship if they volunteer to become a Global Ambassador. We aim to help the people in need who are in the world and don’t know what their goals are for the future but need the help taking the steps to climb the ladder of social ascent.

Business Analytics

MuniSkies™ is currently preparing to avail to the world-community a new business analytics program discussion is the development of a New Program with three possible components.

Business Analysis Program Services:
• Create an online Forum or Society for Business Analysts:
This “society” has a diverse format, enables B2B interactions, helps companies identify Business Analyst (BA) responsibilities and structure positions within the corporation’s framework. BAs affiliated with this society are with diverse backgrounds as they work for companies (or, government organizations) from various sectors of the economy. The Society can provide training and generally assist corporations and government entities enhance the skills and abilities of their BAs.

Business Analytics Training Programs and Services:
• Offer online training program starting with two courses:
- Business Analytics Fundamentals
- Advanced Business Analytics which includes state-of-the-art methodologies in business intelligence and advanced for Big Data applications.
Following this 2-course training program with generic knowledge applicable to all sectors of the economy, MuniSkiesTM will be offering customized training programs to address the needs of specific companies in selected sectors of the economy (e.g., finance, food industry, healthcare, etc.). The software needed for the customized online training and eLearning is currently under development at MuniSkiesTM. The training program will offer the students the ability to chat with each other and instructor real time while all over the world. The courses will each include a number of modules with each module including a task or project for the students to complete. At the end of each course the student is required to complete a final project.

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