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MuniSkies Operation

MuniSkies is to initiate, lead, host and support Agile Innovation Development Initiatives (AIDIs) aimed at developing successful Digital Society product and services, bringing together businesses, entities, research entities and individuals as partners.

MuniSkies implements this by:
  1. Building a network open to interested and active businesses, smart and connected communities, entities, research entities, researchers, individuals and
  2. Establishing, based on this network, Taskforces to undertake open Agile Innovation Development initiative(s): AIDI(s)


The MuniSkies iOD Virtual Desk

The Innovation Opportunity Development (IOD) virtual desk aims at providing the first steps from ideas to business opportunities: it provides candidates with a first technical, market and business assessment of their idea allowing a go/no-go decision and advice on next steps. The OID Virtual Desk is open to all, to individuals, students, researchers, small businesses, employees of organizations, . . . The IOD Virtual Desk aims at providing a seamless connection to existing incubator and start-up support programs that can provide the next steps on the way to a successful business.

iOD Virtual Desk operation

Persons or entities with an idea can contact the IOD Virtual Desk via the secured and private MuniSkies IOD webpage or per e-mail, indicating idea and application domain.
This sets in motion a sequence of actions as follows:
• After an initial assessment the idea (submitter) gets an invitation to send a more complete description under non-disclosure
• After a first level assessment of the idea a preliminary evaluation of the idea on technical merits and its market opportunities is given
• Depending on this assessment and the decision by the submitter, a virtual or physical meeting can be arranged to provide the next evaluation step, indicative business plan, advice and indication of possible next steps

iOD Virtual Desk Internships

    Internships proposed cover two main activities:
  • • Supporting the IOD Virtual Desk operation with help in:
    Technical evaluations
    Market and economic evaluations
    Development of indicative business plans
  • • Building and maintaining a list and characterization of relevant incubator programs

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