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MuniSkies™ offers a state-of-the-art freight route GIS-based mapping tool based on complete data sets and a unique, specialized algorithm with sophisticated decision-making functionality optimized for non-interstate freight transport operations. A certified "green" solution, MuniRoute™ helps carriers to determine routes through local communities that are travel-safe and are optimized for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions. With a variety of primary and optional routes guaranteed to provide safer options for freight travel and access to real-time congestion management options, MuniRoute™ saves time and money and protects the environment from unnecessary emissions and shields communities affected by truck traffic.

Industrial development often dramatically increases overweight/oversize freight traffic on state and municipal roads (county, cities, towns and villages) that are ill-equipped to handle such traffic. ARMA International, LLC has created a solution that mitigates this problem with our unique software, MuniRoute™, specifically designed to generate safe, energy-efficient optimal route mapping options to freight carriers.

Avoid congestion as it occurs with pre-identified alternate routing options and decision-making tools that aid selection of the best routes based on known causes of congestion and other selected criteria.

Acoustics & Vibrations

Below are examples of MuniSolutions in the field of Acoustics in which MuniSkies™ conducts Research and Development; implements Deployment and Demonstration projects; and provides services in the entire field including training and technology transfer.

MuniSkies™ is proud to be in Strategic Alliance with Acoustics Consultancy Company(ACC), a premier,world-class company in acoustics. MuniSkies and ACC execute projects jointly in the US, Europe, and globally.

Noise Mapping

Traffic-Generated Noise Mitigation

Noise Control in Urban Settings

Innovative Use of Noise Barriers

Sound Absorbing Asphalt

Industrial Sound Installation

Environmental Sustainability in Smart Cities

Environmental sustainability is the ability to meet demands placed on a certain environment without reducing the capacity to allow all inhabitants a great quality of life now, and in the future. MuniSkies™ is working to create innovative products that will enable environmental sustainability in areas including water, air pollution, and land population.

MuniSkies™ is confident that by converting cities into “smarter” cities, there will be a formidable impact in these critical areas. The first step is education! MuniSkies™ is developing and deploying our very own online training and educational programs built to avail the skills needed for individuals to ascend the social ladder through new or improved professional abilities and financial rewards.

Energy Consumption

The way a city is planned, designed, and maintained has an exorbitant influence on its future energy use and emission rate. MuniSkies™ has made it a mission to create ways for cities to become more sustainable and resourceful on their own.

MuniSkies™ is working towards designing better roadways and sidewalks with the use of connected traffic signals, fluid avenues, and safe, lit pedestrian paths. Walking and biking modes of transportation are encouraged to diminish the use of cars, therefore leading to less congestion and carbon emissions.

Another goal MuniSkies™ has is to construct goods and appliances to be more efficient and eco-friendly. These products include kitchen appliances, energy saving light bulbs, efficient heating and cooling units, and low-flow water systems. These products will be used in Smart Cities to provide smart, energy efficient buildings. These smart buildings can be powered by small power grids that can learn the habits of the building’s occupants.
These ideas and practices are wonderful for the future of urban areas but they can only be implemented and enforced if people understand how much they are needed and how serious we must be about them. MuniSkies™ will provide courses globally to spread the knowledge of our efforts and to teach others how they conserve energy.

Risks In Smart Cities

As Smart Cities are progressing, the risks associated with them are increasing. Because MuniSkies™ is working on transforming our cities, we have also made it our mission to work towards minimizing the risks that come with it. Some Smart City concepts that are associated with known risks include transportation, efficient energy, and water & wastewater smart systems.

One big problem with the emergence of autonomous vehicles is the possibility of a security breach. MuniSkies™ is confident that by adding variety to the types of vehicles and software will cause an inconsistency in the technology, making it harder to be penetrated. These improvements in technology will allow for an increase in autonomous transportation. This concept can also be applied to smart power generation plants in order to make smart grids safer from attacks.

Connected Traffic Signals

MuniSkies™ is working to provide connected signals that combine current technology with new artificial intelligence to produce a light that essentially thinks for itself. These lights can be programmed on a timed schedule so that they are all green, or red, at the same time. This provides fluid and efficient transportation flows in traffic. An important goal of this project is to develop the metrics and related methodology needed for measuring the performance of traffic signals around the world.

Another concept that MuniSkies™ is working towards is implementing an application notification system. The user will have an app installed on their mobile device that will actively let them know at which times the lights will be consistently green or red and how long they will stay that color.
The benefits of MuniSkies™ Connected Traffic Signals will include:

• Less congestion in highly traveled areas
• Improved public transportation services
• Reduction in emergency response times
• Increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians
• More cost effective
• Better fuel efficiency
• Improved operational tools to effectively manage traffic incidents

By incorporating the concepts of efficient transportation infrastructure, MuniSkies™ is encouraging the use of other more efficient means of city living. Once the ideas of intelligent traffic signals are fully merged into city designs, we are one full step closer to achieving a completely smart city.

Geographic Information System (GIS) in Smart Cities

MuniSkies™ offers a product called MuniRoute™ which includes a Geographic Information System (GIS). This system is a tool that allows us to visualize, analyze, and interpret data that illustrates patterns, trends, and relationships. The benefits of a GIS include:

• Cost Saving and efficiency
• Better decision making
• Improved communication
• Better record keeping
• Greater management of data

MuniRoute’s™ GIS can help us find locations that need improvements in Smart Urban Planning, Smart Utilities, Smart Transportation, and Smart Public Works. This GIS can be used to locate areas that are sensitive to animals, differentiate areas of vegetated land, quickly find where water and gas leaks are, monitor the flow and direction of traffic, and discover and analyze areas that show a great amount of pedestrian activity.

Disaster Prevention & Mitigation

MuniSkies™ works towards preventing manmade disasters and the mitigation of both manmade and natural disasters.
Because planning to address the consequences of a possible catastrophic event is essential, MuniSkies™ offers a product called MuniRoute™ which includes a Geographic Information System (GIS) that locates fast exits from areas that are prone to disasters. Educating communities that are vulnerable to disasters could have a lasting effect on evacuation efficiency.

During an emergency, MuniRoute™ recommends Smart Signal technology that can be used to alert drivers of dangers that lay ahead and facilitate a fast traffic flow.

MuniRoute™ can be used to direct vehicles towards existing shelters. As MuniSkies™ evolves, we will be able to work towards improving shelters and equipping them with leak proof windows and buildings designed with drainage systems inside and outside.

MuniSkies™ provides the needed education for disaster response and preparedness techniques to properly plan for possible catastrophes a disaster may bring.